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par. – life of the party / dot in the city lyrics


–life of the party–
i ain’t the life of the party. (x4)

[verse 1: par.]
i just hit the parking deck right after flying to the city
with my homies and some women that we never thought of hitting
so we took a little break, went to east side
my brother c-los said we’d get it until we die

tomorrow. but that sh-t ain’t my style
rather make the party, dance it really wild
as i’m sitting in the setting, the sun already set in
sitting on the sidelines, i just wanna let in flows

[bridge: par.]
like a dot in the party
how’d i ever be a rapper, all i am is sorry
and rap about my problems, i could never solve them
wanna be the party, all i get is softened

up. but if i wanna be the par i gotta act like i’m the star
act accordingly no matter where the f-ck we are
so i hopped on the stage
stole a d-mn mic, i spat it all like

[hook: par.]
i ain’t the life of the party
i ain’t the life of the party
i ain’t the life of the party
you are

i ain’t the life of the party
i ain’t the life of the party
i ain’t the life of the party
(nah, nah)
we are

[verse 2: par.]
d-mn. how they gon’ remember me
only wanna chill while they party out with hennessy
they just take the best of me. hit me with the recipes
ugh. i’m feeling like it’s stressing me

well. now the tease sent a text to me
wanna cursor out like an ad in the ent-ty
now i’m in the party and i have to pay attention
because now the people acting like they want a mention


–party, prizzy–

–dot in the city–

[hook 2: par.]
–dot in the city
dot, dot in the city
par. in the city
dot, dot in the city
par. in the city
dot, dot in the city

i’m in the party but i’d rather see the city
and take you out with me, maybe baby could you get me?
because i’m losing all my soul to this crowd in the middle
lost all my soul with my time getting fiddled

i missed the party, too busy making hits
you busy taking shots, i never thought you’d p-ss
but the crowd’s not a matter long as i can give you flatter
because my time’s feeling gone, i’m coughing up in m-ss

i know i’m atheist but baby i feel spiritual
rappers say they gods, but never making miracles
i can hear the sirens, right in the city
but when ya hit me up i only think of how you get me down

[hook 2]
i’m a dot in the city

sometimes i feel like i should just stop trying
lay right beside you, the only kinda lying
and rap right to you, i know you wanna hear it
i know you do believe in me, i know you do it dearest

i know my parents would k!ll me if they heard this
i know the people love it so i’ll serve it to them perfect
but like i said before. their thoughts don’t matter
i’m only hear to make you feel so flattered, baby

maybe i could take you down
turn the frown upside-down
maybe i could take you down?

[hook 2]
i’m a dot in the city
[hook 2]
i am the dot of this city



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