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par. – see her dance lyrics


[verse 1: par]
–everybody listen
hear this brown boy, like a toy, talk real and you listen
–everybody missing
all i see is music, movies, entertainment business

–baba really dissing
telling me i can’t be the rapper others seeing glisten
–ma really p-ssive
saying that her job at her place ain’t worth the attachments

–ajji getting sweeter
prolly cuz the diabetic feelings make her feet hurt
not one to care, i just want her not deluded
–but real talk, i just had my fuse lit

all these people back saying i can’t do hits
–feeling ima lose it. losing
h-town fam, they got some probs
but i see her dance, it makes me wanna

[bridge: -nineesha- & par.]

don’t it sound nice though?
-na na na na-
don’t it sound nice though?
(yeah, yeah)

[hook: -nineesha- & par.]
-come here, baby, won’t you dance so slow?-
i just wanna see your dancer flow
-maybe you could join, can’t dance solo-
hate to tell a woman she’ll dance alone
-so come here, baby, won’t you dance tonight?-
i just wanna see you dance so right
-[sigh] all right, all right.-
ha, maybe i could try one time

[verse 2: par.]
why you always talking like you dissing
and i see you on the sides
and i know you’re reminiscing
and i see you getting down
when you sitting up in business
but when you think about it
it sounds like you p-ss in cups

look it on the sides, let me diss him
can’t fight back, just a dot in the distance
come a little later and he’s dancing with your girl
sitting on the sides, he knows he can’t twirl like

[interlude: -nineesha- & par.]
what you really thinking about my flows?
watchu really thinking about the vibes?
know you think of ones living right on the sides
let me ask myself:

[verse 3: par.]
-who you wanna be?-
the kid on the sides or the kid in the middle
giving everybody some taste of the riddles
they only heard when you play just a little

bit in public, bit in lines
bit in buses, bit inside
so i thought:
-why you gotta stop?-
i’ll play my songs. i’ll play where i want

see these other people really dissing
i hear your sounds
but you all reminiscent
only take salts from east world sentence
though that place changed from last mentions

met another crowd in a place so urban
all just a piece of the ones i deserted
international mind me of that home
but this girl on the sides dancing
got me thinking like:

[hook 2]

with her la-dee-da-dee-da
sitting on the sides with her
ra-dee body, body
call her la-dee-da-dee-da haha
okay, i’m just playing

[hook 3]



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