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paris the prince - fleeting dream (with yuji) - remix lyrics


[verse 1: paris the prince]
was it true? nights we spent alone?
in the quiet, in the dark, both were bound to trip and fall?
all the secrets, secrets we’d never share
in the shadows, in the dark, did you really care at all?

[bridge: paris the prince]
in the echoes of our past
i’m searching for a sign
did your words hold meaning?
or was it all just a lie?

[chorus : yuji]
was it true? the way you looked into my eyes
promises of forever, under starlit skies
was it true? the way we laughed and cried
in this maze of memories, i’m lost, i can’t decide

[verse 2 : yuji]
feeling lonely at dawn, heard your voice in my soul
how is your life without me? (how is your life)
so tell me, petrified, dark skies, frozen, pretty shrines and rain
urban stories on your mind, maybe i’m the demon that you’ll find

[verse 3 : paris the prince and yuji]
was the love we felt real or a fleeting dream? (yeah)
tell me, darling, was it true? was it all a scheme?
i do not know how
i’m supposed to keep on moving on
i, was i in the wrong?

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