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parker jason – like that (who’s shot?) lyrics


verse 1 :

now and days i barely pray, i’m ballin off minimum wage, a young daddy at my age , hope child support don’t come my way

hook:but i still got it like that, i think i still got it like that, ya know i still got it like that, a n-gg- really got it like that

verse 2 :

these women tend to come my way, i never hope they will commit, i laugh at how these n-gg-s say, that these hoes ain’t sh-t

hook: but they still got it like that , the p-ssy still got it like that, my exes still got it like that, some day you’ll have somebody like that

verse 3 : poppa joe ask if i’m happy , i said that’s all that i’ve been , he said that’s not even possible , then he threw me a whole 10

hook : joe really got it like that, i swear he really got it like that, imma try to get it like that, i’m really tryna have it like that

(melody outro)


(who shot jr intro)

verse 1 :

god bless my flex, don’t even press me, cuz ya hate ain’t called for, i got my motive and some intentions that i might just die for, cuz my allure for liberation really don made me a fien , i’m so serially and lyrically slayin yall with melodies, i’m tryna fly towards the promise land , god put wings on this man, after all i’m not a lost cause , i value loose change in my hand, don’t mistake me for the reaper man, i’m here to collect respect, n-gg-s love talking money off the lips, then it’s death by the debt, my cousin once told me, i look so sophisticated , and quite frankly to me, that sh-t was exaggerated , i’m aware of my flair, i can sense my prestige , so pray for a downfall, i’ll bless you with fatigue , friends , enemies , friendenemies, ,just know i’m here to engage , my shots go any range , never concerned with my aim, tequila shots , aks or millis , iverson with the rock and philly , but the moral to what i’m sayin , i’m realest one that’ll feel me