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passion (uk) – big game lyrics


yeh another day is dawning time to make your stand
do you feel like it’s over you know you can’t pretend
shift the gears and roll the wheels mama all systems go
do you feel the heat rising are you ready for a show

yeh how much do you want it
better take control
are you ready for the big time
or will you show up late

what’s it gonna be boy

big game
oh you keep on trying to win the
big game
sometimes you’re gonna lose
big game
you’re just a player in the big game

now you’re taking on the big dog
tryin’ to stake your claim
yeh you’re never givin’ up no
just gotta play the game

gonna show them how to do it
gonna stick it to the man
when you’re up against the devil
you better have a plan

show me what ya got

yeh the lies just keep on coming
is it all too late
are we ever gonna get there
or is it all down to fate

gonna make a change

how much do you want it
how much do you wanna win
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