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pat app – the generator lyrics


[produced by edo lee]


peep my, audio art
sound something in between a walk in the park
and shot in the dark
be shocking niggas positive charged with, optimism
i’m knowledge kicking with superb flow, so you gotta feel it, god affiliated, with this rhyming
so i dont be tripping where my finish line is
making sure my shit is triple knotted, laced up nigga ready go
centered chakras let my energy flow
smoking pot ain’t got shit on the stove
maybe its bad for my lungs but swear to god
that its good for my soul
i’m blunt, my flow the coldest f-ck a sugary coat
i’m blunt, dope enough for me to blow like an o
get smacked nigga lipping my blunt, tabs on the tip of my tongue
f-ck you know about this trippy life son
couple bags of the psilocybin
on this path out to get enlightened
learn bout the world and myself in and out
took a different route, but shit i’m getting out
me and my nigga levi got three eyes, better remember heat rise, and know that we packing it f-cking the game t-baggin it
sorry to those who preach abstinence
see the church is flawed
i’m a rebel who follows them universal laws
love for all of my brothers who got a turban on
rastafarian niggas judge em because they purp is strong
shouldn’t give a d-mn long as your purpose strong, word is bond
every verse is raw, cuz you never know who had heard your song
when you spit that weak verse
no bad impressions nigga check the reverb and get the sound right, add some compression to make my sound tight making sure ya blog site choose these sound bites put it down right, man this shit just down right, grimey, nasty cunning with words and savvy
always had the gift but waited for rap to attract me its sad g
how these niggas think they raw
til they see my flows hoes steeze and all
every single nose knows my weed is strong
and if you think you know the song then sing a long like
na na na na na na nah, na na na na na nah, na na na na na nah na hey