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​​pathos! (bos) - ​​heartburn! lyrics


i just want get it again
i just want spin it again
i had to give out like some of the money because i got too many bands
call up the label said get the advance
with a 3 on my cap imma rap like i’m chance
too many bands i got too many friends
honestly i do not care when it end
call up lil brodie to get me the chase
if you n+ggas know me know i laugh to the bank
said i’m movin with armor i’m built like a tank
huh, and they all get mad when i sing
like baby you

make my heart burn
make my heart burn
make my heart burn
and you’re making me stronger

n+ggas gon act like i’m still not the best
i reload the clip for the rest
if you talking sh+t aim the chop at your vest
and we takin off like a jet

and these bullets is going direct
internet money i’m grabbin the tec
i am not strong so i don’t wanna flex
my youngins will k!ll you for less
like how you forget me
do not resent me
leveling up i got me some xp
not with the fake and i’m sick of pretending

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