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paul kelly the messengers – i had forgotten you lyrics


paul kelly (mushroom music)
i had forgotten the dress you wore
the first time i ever saw you walking through a door
and i had forgotten your secret smile
that seemed to say it’s okay you can stay awhile
and i never kept a trace
of your voice, your touch, your taste
or your perfume
i had forgotten you
then i got a letter, it came today
from an old friend this is what he had to say
you know frank hannon, well his wife just died
but the big news is he’s already found another bride
you may remember her
she says you once went out with her
she was 22
she still remembers you
she’s been a widow for six years
now her children have left home
she nursed frank’s wife for a while
but n-body knew this was going on
now mary comes to me, she turns out the light
then after a while she asks me if i’m alright
well i turn to hold her but i’m not there
tonight i feel like both of us are made of air
mary’s hair is turning grey
and she worries about her weight
do you, too?
i had forgotten you
yes, it’s true
i had forgotten you
nothing new
i had forgotten you