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paul the messenger – intro lyrics


take me back to a time
where i was innocent
life was a game, no pressure
i wasn’t worrying
wanted to grow up
grew up, now i’m regretting it
wanted to shoot up
5’7 no-one’s respecting it

but i got a beard though
still a weirdo
finally decided to start walking my own road, okay
everything is difficult
it ain’t coming easy yo
ain’t no way in h-ll
i’m ending up lonely and miserable, no way

[verse 2]
putting out, putting out work, okay
putting out, putting out work
giving that, giving that worth, i pray
i do not end up a casualty in this monopoly, no
i am never living p-ssively, do you see what i see, oh
our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name
i pray i pray, that you would just grant me another day
i know eventually one day i’m gonna die
but i gotta remember that every other day
i know i’m still alive
still alive to fight
overcome another plight
keep following the light even on the days i lose my sight
don’t even worry about being the best
my daddy told me that he would rather
i tried to be excellent
and i admit it
that i failed sometimes
some of the mistakes i made
i must have lost my mind
it’s okay though, it’s okay though
n-body’s perfect
and you’ll never not make a mistake, so

try not to beat yourself up so hard
the fight’s not yours
just lift your hands up and give it all to god
it’s okay, i’m telling you it’s okay

most importantly
fight the good fight
the fight ain’t really over
if you’re still alive
’til you take your last breath you’ll be heavy lifting
those up’s and down’s
are still part of the human experience
i’m out