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paul the messenger – wait for me lyrics


[verse 1]
i know all you want
is just to spend some time with me
baby if i wasn’t busy
i would do it happily
you say all i do is work
but i want you to be proud of me
with the hope, i can repay you
for all you’ve sacrificed for me

baby won’t you
wait for me
baby won’t you
wait for me, yeah
wait for me
wait for me
wait for me

[verse 2]
i think it’s ’bout time
that i spoke to you
it’s not that i don’t
want to spend time with you
but if i do not do what i have to do
we’ll be madly in love
but will have no food
baby, baby, you don’t agree
you say you should be my priority
i say you are
but that don’t mean that the world
has to stop spinning baby
this ain’t a dream
you’ve got to come to terms with reality
it’s not always ideal
but your joy’s determined by
how you see things baby
so how do you see things baby
are we the real thing baby
or are we gonna give in baby
i need a balance
i need to deliver a balance
doing my kind of hours
and keeping you happy
is really the challenge
i promise that i’ll do it right
promise i’m trying my best
promise that i’ll never fail you
for now, this is our test

won’t you
wait for me