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paz – never die alone lyrics


she said “hang up, say goodbye
heard every word 1,000 times”
she’s not sayin’ she don’t believe me but
she remembers every time she cried

and every time i rise i get the pain back
think of my lies i get the shame back
run through everything i did to hurt you and
how good it’d feel if you ever came back

you don’t even know how much i changed
my whole d-mn life got re-arranged
tell you friends but they barely know me
so i could give a f-ck about what they say

cause they don’t know what i feel inside
or what i’d give just to hear you sigh
now i can’t see you in the light
but every time i close my eyes…

and if you see me in your dreams
i beg you try to stay asleep
cause i can’t keep you safe from harm
if i can’t hold you in my arms
and if you cry don’t make a sound
and if you fall don’t hit the ground
cause where you are is where i’m home
and we will never die alone
you’ll never die alone

hands up in the sky right now
put your hands up in the sky right now
herobust and paz in town
put your hands up in the sky right now