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periphery – frak the gods lyrics


“frak the gods”

lives erased
their memories will never surface again
now our plan for domination is at hand
harvest the flesh, enslave the planet they call home
for one thousand (f-cking) years
this is the age of a new direction
no one stands in the way of our reign over this sector
that has been newly claimed

i’ll evade the sun if life is given to those i the shadows
now i must erase the sight of the living and seperate from the eyes

swallow the ink down, might as well
we’re all destined to fall off the pages we’ve written
call it fate or whatever the brain will label it as
we we return to the planet
reason with the body
the death isn’t what it seems
we are the ones to be extinct
only forgiveness can end this

“death it seems” so imminent
there is nothing that can be done here
“suppressing” the impending destruction of our race as we know

eyes from around, they gather in disbelief
of the air we breathe and the little we know of it
this is a time of evaluation
collecting the minds of a conscious infinity
accepting the concequence of the ignorance changes how you perceive

within this a truth and a reason met with distaste
falling from the heavens above we’ve been dethroned
our lives must replay in hope of ascending peacefuly
let the violence bring us home and take us away from what we know

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