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phantom tex – wake up (prod. fye) lyrics


[ verse ]

these n+ggas gon’ hate anyway
i step up my game any day
i might sn+tch me your lady bae
i’m timeless i got no late delay

don’t push me do you wanna catch a fate
i rent nothing no lease i pay no rate
i need a bad boo who be brave
no i don’t want no low hoe with no faith

i put a clown boy where he supposed to be at
don’t tell me what i do wrong i ain’t need your feedback
this time i create some vibes no it ain’t another f+cking deep track
my meridians flow what are you mad for
your negativity keep that

whoever threw me in the bottomless pit just shoveled his grave

boy use a fraud you bet you about nothing come say it to my face

whatever i won’t get the answer so
i gotta rise up from this place

with no hesitation i got the master patience sticking to the source is the case

make fun of me and i’ll smack you blue fool
if you ain’t wanna shut up then i mute you
it don’t care who you be i beat a rude dude
spirit so enlightened i never get pursued
i’m authentic to the bone with my pure mood
i give you my attention when i hear truth

i’m chilled my mind is relaxed
i grind cause i wanna be next
come over and cuddle is what she texts
she craving for my presence she wanna see tex
i told her let me finish this son i’ll be back
shawty wanna make feel high without a weed pack
shawty give me good comfort like a rehab
a loyal girl is always good for a reset

whatever you tryna put me through it won’t leave a mark
witches tried to burry me and fools tried to keep me in the dark
f+ck the game i mod it i already won without to press start
i’m not replaceable i talk to angels while you sell dope in the park

no you can’t hold it my blessings
i’m loaded up with the divinity
my mind body and spirit stays in tune sorry no you can’t destroy my trinity
just look at all these d+mn bots be walking around with their phones in their hands it no can’t really be
the world that we living in i went through enough so it won’t hit me deep
the following events can’t reach me
i just don’t care while i hit the weed
i serve no agenda but the source
it’s time to wake you up i uplift the creep

i don’t live in duality so miss me with that trash
i get back to my world where i don’t need no f+cking cash
i got the ball on the court my layup is clean like steve nash

you can’t live in a high society when it’s downtown
empty vessels stealing ideas while i create my own sound