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pharaoh santana – draft day lyrics


i swear this sh+t feel like my draft day
whole time the map was in my mind
i knew the pathway

sometimes people don’t find it until
they last day
so i thank god for the wisdom it’s everlasting
it’s hard to fit in
when you know
you was born different
they try to put you in a box
but who they kidding
speaking of boxes
free all who falsely imprisoned
uncle sam a real gangsta he be pimpin’
one day i’ll probably jump the broom
like it was quidditch
but only if my soul searching
comes to finish
i was reborn in the waters
like it’s religion
used to be timid
now i’m tryna make a difference
oh man, oh man
i guess things ain’t go exactly as planned
i guess i had to grow as a man
guess i had to be showed
that i could build and expand
now i know
and i will
till i can say i am legend
like will
when we was young
we used to hit jack n jill
whoever thought that this life would ever get this real?
whoever thought that i’d lose friends
over this music sh+t?
they say good things come to man
when he chooses it
every g+nius had a dream
that they was lucid in
every river got a tide
gotta go through with it
but the river gon’ flow when it want to
it’s your choice if the ghosts come to haunt you
ima always stay standing on my own two
but the river gon’ flow when it want two
i feel like baker i’m a first overall
i swear they didn’t want me to ball
but when they down we gon’ see who they call
just remember i got love for you all
yes lord
ah yeah