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philip glass – song -15 father death blues lyrics


hey father death, i’m flying home hey old man, you’re all alone hey old daddy, i know where i’m going

father death, don’t cry any more mama’s there underneath the floor brother death, please mind the store

old aunty death, don’t hide your bones old uncle death, i hear your groans o sister death, how sweet your moans

o children deaths, go breathe your breaths sobbing br–sts’ll ease your deaths pain is gone, tears take the rest

genius death, your art is done lover death, your body’s gone father death, i’m coming home

guru death, your words are true teacher death, i do thank you for inspiring me to sing this blues

buddha death, i wake with you dharma death, your mind is true sangha death, we’ll work it through

suffering is what was born ignorance made me forlorn tearful truths i cannot scorn

father breath, once more farewell birth you gave was no thing ill my heart is still, as time will tell.