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phineas ferb – with these blueprint lyrics


baljeet: with these blueprints we can make a mighty tower,

isabella with blueprint

isabella: with these blueprints we can mold a chocolate ball!,
buford: with these blueprints we can forge enormous yo-yos,
buford, isabella and candace: with these prints we can build anything at all!
doofenshmirtz: we’ve got blueprints, glorious blueprints!
they give us endless potentialities!
we could build an android porcupine,
bionic hearts for valentines,
or giant dogs with artificial fleas!
candace: ’cause we’ve got blueprints!
baljeet, buford, candace, isabella: glorious blueprints!

doof ‘n perry

doofenshmirtz: they make the things we dream reality!
baljeet, buford, candace, isabella: we can build jet powered water wings,
a catapult with mattress springs,
and practically anything you see!
candace, isabella, baljeet, doofenshmirtz, buford: we’ve got one prints, two prints,
nothing we can’t do prints!
three prints, four prints,
everyday it’s more prints!
five prints, six prints,
nothing we can’t fix prints!
big prints, small prints,
make anything at all prints!
there’s nothing we can’t do,
as long as they’re blue!
so get some hammers and nails,
and buckets and pails!
so grab a two-by-four,
’cause we’ve got blueprints galore!
we’ve got a lot of work to do!
baljeet: with these prints that are blue!