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phora – just like my father lyrics


momma said life’s gunna hit you quick
i thought i knew it all
til’ i had my first couple of tours through the hall
los padrinos to eastlake coping out, hit the compound
cuz after that you hear y.a straight lockdown

house arrest got me stressed, some scissors in my hand
trying to cut it off, can’t even go eat dinner with the fam
i got violations like the nations driving record
probation got me by a noose, i’m hanging by a tether

my p.o says he’s trynna help
but honestly i think he’s trynna help me on the shelf
and book me in

he said i’m just like my crooked friends
he said he don’t see my heart
i tell “feel my pain and look again”

we come from two different places
funny how you judge me on what’s displaced in my cases
completely denying the fact thats far from my bases
since we earned a couple felonies ya’ll think we ain’t sh-t

and i know you know you think i’m sh-t
i ain’t tough, but sure these n-gg-s know that i ain’t no b-tch
and everytime i hear some good news out
the bad news comes in

i’m done dealin’ with women and they -ssumptions
askin’ themselves will they be faithful and can i trust him
i ain’t got time for girls with they misleading discussions
answer my question with a “yes” or a “no”
cuz i ain’t got time for your little mixed messages yo

used to hold my anger in, but now i’m lettin’ show
cuz people i know that p-ssed away promised me never to go
and i can’t get, rid of the pain inside
i swear i hear the angels cry
steady movin’ towards the light hoping to stay alive

cuz darkness devours your soul until the day you die
we livin’ in sin because adam believed in satan’s lie

but i used measure grams in the baggies
and bit off more than i can chew
cuz i thought that they would never catch me

now i’m locked up in a cell with no mail from my friends and family
and i guess thats what they meant when they said
i’m just like my daddy, n-gg-