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phora – palm trees lyrics


beaches and palm trees
40’s and bomb weed
my team has been killing it
this is where we should all be
came from the bottom up
so let’s raise our bottles up
we’ve been here for too long
we should get going
baby we should get going

[verse 1]
tell me what you think, we can hit vegas and then back to cali, o.c by the bay
we should just roll up, tell them “hold up, we’ll be on the way”
baby just believe in yourself, don’t believe what they say
now let’s go, f-cking my city up
need a girl with a bigger heart, not a girl with a bigger b-tt
sipping so strong, homie it’s f-cking my kidneys up
and it wasn’t that long ago when my -ss felt like giving up
now we off with this hennessy and mickey’s
we’re gonna mix it up, might throw it up
i’m trying to get tipsy, life’s moving fast, no slowing up
but as long as you’re with me, we might just make a baby
hold up my city going crazy, i said “my city going crazy”
we riding the f-ck right now, they see my team on the come up
my n-gg-s up right now, anybody want beef? then come run up
we riding around until the sun up
pull that drink, roll that blunt up
babygirl i might just wife your -ss up for this summer

now let’s ride, let’s ride, let’s go
let’s get high, let’s roll, roll, roll, roll

ride, make a ride, make a ride, ride, ride
ride, make a ride, make a ride, ride, ride
ride, make a ride, make a ride, ride, ride
ride, make a ride, make a ride, ride, ride


[verse 2]
tell me how you feel, i ain’t got no time for these haters
baby just show me it’s real, i ain’t got no time to be wasting
but i got some time to get wasted, just want someone to run, so she don’t need no diamonds or bracelets
we on a roll, running through my city, i’m back racking these hoes
ready to go, tell me the time and the place and i’ll be ready to roll
roll out, baby get dressed we finna gonna out, no doubt
n-gg-s don’t know how to treat a girl like how she’s the one
but i know what you’re thinking, pull me close, don’t let me go
i’m trying to keep drinking, the night is young, let’s take it slow
we’ve got the whole weekend
can i make you my lady? you know my city is going crazy
but that’s cause o.c raised me, can’t hold us back right now
cause we came up from the bottom, they know i’ll snap right now
anyone wanna beat? that’s no problem
n-gg-s know my people, they’re riding
this is for my team and i got them
babygirl i got that sh-t and i’ll make you forget all about them



lyrics by @heldrish on twitter