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pimp tobi – chase down lyrics


[intro: pimp tobi]
(kids next door)
ayy (who made the beat? apollo, huh?)
ayy, ayy

[verse 1: pimp tobi]
first n+gga that i catch gettin’ broke off
you’ll tape a n+gga block, now it’s closed off
pour the six in a sprite, finna dose off
still ridin’ down the blade droppin’ hoes off (b+tch)
young n+gga worth a check so they hate now (ha)
sh+t ain’t happen overnight, had to stay down
catch a n+gga, shots flyin’ out the trey pound
caught a n+gga slippin’ in that whip, he got chased down (b+tch)

[verse 2]
chased down, he was runnin’ with his shoes off
i seen his body drop, then i had to cruise off
i took the watch off his wrist, he was too soft
and them suckers is some corny+ass goofb+lls, b+tch
on the road noddin’ off a six (go)
fifty piece in the trunk, fresh off a l!ck
thuggin’ with my brother like i’m morty and he rick
got a glock with a beam and it came with a stick
[verse 3]
ho n+ggas get rapped up and start tellin’ (rat)
kinda paranoid, b+tch, i always keep a weapon
shootin’ at the floor, how the f+ck is you a stepper?
n+ggas h+lla salty, had to hit ’em with the pepper
sippin’ codeine, fell in love with the feelin’
seen him broad day, broke him off, ten milli
spin a n+gga block ’til a n+gga get dizzy
i love brodie bro, broke him off with the drizzy (b+tch)

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