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pireex – school life 1 lyrics


(hahaha) thats what we do bro

now i will tell you so
so you ghat to know about it

school life was so fun
now listen (haaaa)

let me tell you the story
before you cruxify me

when i was still child
no one could help me

mama hold me tight
she can’t even leave me

when we started music
no one can see me

now am getting bigger bro
everything done change

see my body,see my height
everything done weight
i can make decision
without any complaine

any motherf+cker (wa)
we go put you for jail

now in jss1
wе don turn senior

fyn girls,hot cake
dey won see mе off

cute boy see me
they can’t let me go

mama warn me (wo)
iwe ko lo ka

mo ti dey skul (eeh) i don turn big boy
mo ti da,mo fe da, tani mehweda

i can’t shout, no way
shey mo jor speaker

i don commot for ebonyi
i don go lagos
i will miss them all
even all neigbours

new life see me
i came in lagos

i never use month
dey don find me skul

alliant college
that was private skul

the skul was cool (but)
kon see rules
heache one time
say i no fee look

see flogging (god)
watin the boy do

thats was english teacher
egbon yeeh dudu

ooh god ooh no
watin i fee do
shey na this kind skul
dey won put me too

no p , no sh+t, we go dey okay
no be skul,weac dey come one day

i don enter class oo
omo see new face

look like criminal
dey don give me sp+ce

na he my eye dey chook
i no even care

mathematics teacher
na he wipe me cane

first day, see mark,i don dey feel pain
whats your name jor,i said am uche

break time don come
i don jump outside

i was so hungry,guys for my side

courples of question
dey don turn my guys

he remain those babes
me i no fee lie

more talk to come,make u no go try
see food god, watin i fee buy

one fair guy, the guy na singer too
(god) that guy na my n+gga too

my first song, na he even help me out
no friday, way we no dey balling out

dey don call us tire
see questioning

that party
watin una go do there

we dont know what to say
but to look at them

threaten all day
shey make we fly away

vs don come,make we murder show
that fair guy, mc dey give am chance

where i dey (hmmm)
dey no give me chance

still coming for you oo
way i no perform

we go pay gate fee
just for us to come

princ+p+l enter (god) see fairing
even teachers everybody kon scary

no laugh, no joy, see class quiet
if you try go talk (hmmm) see regret

the man left, every where turn noisey
even teachers,everybody kon friendly

you don see propiator
that one na shocking talk

if you dey sturbborn, he be solution
one man then,tall he be supervisor

he dey take weac say
everything no sure

junior weac don come
we don pass am all

ss1 never come
we don dey form big boy

first term, first day
we don turn senior

assembly long talk,see teachers
see student (haaa) we no even plenty

some of them never resume
still owning skul fee

we don enter class,everywhere settle
break time, omo kon see rap battle

senu, that guy dey rap fire
but where i dey, i still be one leader

i never drop bass
dey don clap for me

stop that sh+t jor
that one is not for me

when i drope punchlines
girls mad for me

within first term, mo ti di star boy
but then, i was very very sturbborn

some no like
some won dey hate the boy

lefty no good,na me tell you that
economics (god) who fee fail that one that was my mine subject
she died (no) come see fyn girl

she no be girl oo
she fee konk your head

crs same, that one too painful

make i no too talk
i don dey feel something

thinking say
my school don find the date

but no, everything for their pocket
i no talk anything,better get your self

ss3 don reach
i don commot for school (i no run oo)

i go join one school
we ghat to learn those things
that we face in school

i don miss them all
who dey miss me too

but the future ghat a better things for us

meet me on mah next espidoe

dats what we do bro
bhadman pireex

alliant college