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pissragjones – wolves lyrics


[verse 1]

lone wolf
i just go home cooked
heads stuck up in em books
bruh, i’d fix it if i could
i’ve been alone on my own
ain’t n0body ever get up in my zone
all my friends are in my phone
yet i’m up in my lonesome
people left me in pieces, just crumbs
wanna stop feeling
praying that my brain go numb
got friends but i don’t them
we talk, but never listen
just a bunch of kidding
we f-ck and then get it
paranoid they f-cking hate me
just like my daddy does
putting up a fake me
wear masks till i lose myself
no medicine you got’s gonna help
you know me now, but get ready for farewells
force my friends to repel
cus there ain’t much i trust
i’m just a piece of their disgust
no solvin it, we never discuss
i’d k!ll myself, but everyone would see the cuts
view the past like it’s nothing
grey clouds
through the crowd
yet the people wonder why now?
everybody wanna die now

[verse 2]

now look
i’m not concious
i’m barely f-cking awake
and every day
i’m searching for an escape
my, skin dressed undraped
a fake face
so face it, i still decay
create amazement
as a distraction
take action
never split the family into factions
you might ask me
let’s just say i’ve seen some things happen
bust nuts just for the dopamine
hopin that noone close to me
hears what i just said
it’s not that n0body will get it
it’s that too many will relate
born post 9/11, pre rap drake
safe to say i had a bad day
stuck inbetween
each and every door way