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plain white t s – irrational anthem lyrics


“irrational anthem”

i remember wishing i was older
always something big around the corner
but as the years go by i’m growing younger
open eye and head still filled with wonder
….wonder ohhhhh …..ummmmm…ohhhh

pledge of allegiance everybody stand up
this is a irrational anthem
we don’t care if they don’t understand us
because this is our irrational…
irrational anthem ohhhhhh ohhhhhh

let your mind go anywhere it whats to
make your wildest wish and watch it come true
some how somewhere we forgot
cowboys indians astronauts
all the dreams we could not hold on to
we could not ohhhh


nothing worse then normal
theres no fun in one day
as everyone else gets older
i refuse to change
we are strong a mile long
who side are you on

[chorus x2]

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