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plasmarifle – goodbye dearest bethany (i’ve cursed us all)… lyrics


o’ jackson, say my ol’ boy, can you hear that melody?
this is the sweetest song, that has ever infiltrated
these old ears and my aged heart;
ever since my first days at sea, as a lad at age

thought i, these merely were but wives tales,
made to make grown men cower in fear.
mr. davies, tell the men to…

turn the ship, starboard, that’s an order! we’re going to
follow that song to our deaths
(alas these men are as doomed as me and yet, there is no
fear of mutiny).

tell bethany i loved her dearly, for the sea will swallow
into the depths of this frigid abyss, i am enchanted by
the sweetest voice of siren songs…

we’re sinking!
o’ precious mermaid, fabled creature of the deep, i’ve
killed us all just to hear you sing.
so sweetly…
abandon all hope, i’ve cursed us all… sink to the
depths for sirens song.