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plies – thug section lyrics


ay dawg. if you lookin for plies in da club, know what i’m sayin.
i’m easy to find bro. only thing u gotta look for is all da goons bro.
i keep tellin ya’ll dawg. i’m opposite all them n-gg-s ya’ll see on t.v. bro.
i’m a tell u where i be at bro.

[chorus: x2]
i don’t hang in da v.i.p. so stop checkin.
i’m posted with da goons boppin, hand on weapon.
in da corner with da thugs and convicted fellons.
lookin for me in the club, i’m in the thug section.

[verse 1:]
wrong section, this ain’t where da cris get poured.
this where da pills get popped, dro get rolled.
where the thugs posted and ducks get soaked.
better keep ya head up and ya eyes open.
might not wanna chill over here if ya ain’t totin.
if we don’t f-ck with ya p-ssy n-gg- then keep floatin.
we gettin loose a lil bit, but everybody focused.
cause everybody on yack and every body scopin.
keep a unit in my face and back against the wall.
and hand on fire in case i gotta get off.
ain’t nothin over here for ya but problems dawg.
surrounded by all hood b-tches, no model brawds.

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
you a cris poper n-gg- i’m a yak drinker you p-ssy -ss n-gg- i like donk ain’t it
you ain’t confortable round thugs i can tell ain’t i n street n-gg-s make u feel lyke yo life in danger
all these lil goons you see me with i can’t pertain em lil mama say
she don’t lyke thugs i don’t blame her
cause if u slide with one of us sh-t we try to train ya keep it real with you lil mama all us lyke to mingle
you ethier c-min or you stayin this sh-t easy thank you clique full of murkers
slash hoe catchers cause at da rite timen-gg- we gone apply pressure n all the n-gg-s certified wetters.

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
if you ain’t respected by the streets then p-ssy n-gg- move cause this sh-t over
here resevered for da goons an we ain’t friendly ova here so give us sum
room n we ain’t hard to find jus follow the fumes many n-gg-s can’t hang ova
here cause we got rules n-gg- luk lyke he wanna do sumthin do it cool
better keep yo feelins to yo self n stay cool ethier you handle yo liqiour
p-ssy or get glued. last n-gg- dat played tuff made da news
get knocked off by a bytch in da club ain’t nuthin new cause erre n-gg-
ova here about sumthin different it’s on you cause we don’t fight we shoot
jus luk like we ballin don’t get fooled cause one of you f-ck n-gg-s can change
a n-gg- whole mood go from ballin to murkin att-tude n in this sh-t only real n-gg-s approved

[chorus x2]
i’m in the thug section
[until chorus begins again]

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