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poah – pacman lyrics


(go crazy aaaaaa)
(go stupid aaaaaa)
(go crazy)

i’m running from opps like i’m pac-man
look like a clown then i’m packing
tackling the game like i’m sacking
said we were chill i was acting (acting)

pull up with ice
but i don’t wanna flex
listen to music
you know i’m up next
but i’m not number one
because abe is the best
this beat is so hard
like i’m taking a test
this is my rapping game
and then you just a guest
and when i said i’m the best
it’s no cap
so you think you can p-ss me
i’m not even stressed
not even stressed

i get the check
got the 4 on my neck and the 4 is on set
but no i cannot love you
cuz you playing games like some chess
but now i’m up
and the gang beup next
they think i can’t do it
so i told them bet (bet)
new prada bag on the shoulder
this song is so hard like a boulder
let’s go to red lobster i told her
i’m storing these raps in a folder (folder)
you think that you’re cool yeah i’m colder
i’m riding this beat roller coaster

shopping at louis
y’all shopping at zumiez
i’m not that grind
y’all don’t know what i’m doing
i hit that shot
like a bo2 sui
i’m eating grapes on a beach
like it’s dooey

behind the bars like an adlib
i love my girlfriend named madeline (madeline)
you worship my flow like you’re catholic
you worship my flow like you’re catholic
i’m running from opps like i’m pac-man