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poets of the fall – dying to live lyrics


“dying to live”

tell me this, would you miss it, trying on another face again to see if it’s you
n’ wondering where you’ve been and where you’re gonna find yourself before the night is through

i know the way you go cos i’ve been the same for too long
like i’m fearful that my choices are all wrong
i know the way you go cos i’ve lived your life of make believe
dying to live

tell me this, is it lonely in the shadow of a masquerade for life you hide behind
what’s the deal with your reasons to run away and let your feelings leave you undefined

i know the way you go…

behind me now the winding road they sing of
i’ve come to stand before a silent wall
finally a chance to find a question
to point out the right answer after all …this time

so rid us of the plight, the plight of self affliction
generations choice the drug of self deception

i know the way you go…

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