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poets of the fall – signs of life lyrics


signs of life

she stands by the corner shop
at the edge of a rainbow she thought the solution
someone painted on the wall
he writes in his daily journal
eyes blindfolded, gathering pieces
with no direction to go anymore
when what’s real becomes just another source of hurt
and when meaning’s gone from every word

signs of life, color of your skin, emotions within
show you the fast lane to your love
when love is a kiss, of terminal bliss
designed to erase all signs of life
from the smile on your face, to the lines you rephrase
we’ll always guide you to your love
your love is a kiss, my undying wish
designed to retrace the signs of life, signs of life
signs of life, signs of life

she disguises herself in a new york fashion
to find her p-ssion, she lights her beacon
high on coffee shop reviews
and he still picks his dreams by chance
chooses opinions to fit his circ-mstance
to find something he can use
when you’re free to choose, but the choices leave you lost
when you feel you paid way more then it should cost

signs of life…

if you feel you’ve exhausted all your options
and if you still find yourself with nothing to believe in
free your mind, and you will see
free your mind, and you will see, see, see

signs of life…