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poison – life goes on lyrics


“life goes on”

i felt this before
now i feel it again
no matter how hard i try
this feeling won’t end

so i pretend you’re here by my side
tonight on this lonely ride
i keep telling myself that

life goes on while you’re miles away
and i need you
time goes on as night steals the day
there’s nothing i can do

you heal up my wounds
i tasted your tears
you spilled out your heart
so i let out my fears

but one fear that i kept to myself
was how i prayed that you’d love no one else
like you’re saying you love me


if you only knew how much i miss you

when my mind plays these tricks on me
it shows me things i don’t want to see
that’s why i tell myself
i keep telling myself
just take another piece of me


and this last mile i travel with you

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