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poorickarto – beer (interlude) lyrics


[verse 1: bluvercetti]
every midnight i stay up
everyday i sleep to make up
on god, dunno how i’m still a player
photoshop my eyebags with 10 layers
1398 bought family the saipa
oh, the legend
kept at least three bottles in the dashboard
back when me and ex-wife had it active
couple آخوندs in the city build مصلا
all, the imams
preachin’ بیت دزد producer status
when we could only add some drums on occasion
after hearin’ 808’s i had to ditch ’em
didn’t listen رپ فارس the rest of decade
dated ayda when i had nothin’ to vroom it
f-ckin’ on her when i didn’t have a room and
now i’m busy livin’ through all of the rumors, everynight

[verse 2: ayrick]
sativa turning my brain on, got everything colorful like a crayon
lotta words in my head but can not say ’em
lotta friends around me, i seem laid down
with the red eyes looking for a payback
but the more i grow the more i lay back
when i record some sh-t and i play back
i know how unserious they may act
or the funny questions they may ask
i’ma need to feel alive and free asap
confusion, i’ll take that
mobin’s mom still on top of us, we’re numb
you see yourself as a g*nius but you’re dumb
went to karaj to see pooyan and get some
meds, all night long
i’ve been thinking about you, bout summer
nevermind, i’m used to all this drama
f-cking up my whole life, how i’m gonna
change, i wanna
but this sh-t is too funny to turn from a
joke to a new drama
yeah, i’m crying all night long

[verse 3: arto]
know you a goddess and a pay the worship
so never play wit me with that ignore sh-t
now i playing with your لپ, checks layin on the floor
yeah we made it when we dropped the fourth sh-t
even if we be there they won’t let us in
you know i loved you like i love madison
we could sleep on night long, open eyes with the sun
but you left me with a large pile of sin
if i was tony you would be my tommy, against the world but i can see the faith is right behind me
you just hurt me like my d-ck does, i just wanna get lost and you won’t know where you can find me
see me in my wrld when its midnight
sip kharshotor so i can p-ss right
you for me like serj for aref, hentai for arash, don’t no how i can get fine

[outro: madison beer]
h-llo everyone. this is madison beer. i can’t- and i cannot talk really softly, i think i can’t, my voice is really deep- sorry. i’m really excited about this