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pootie – a start at the dinner table lyrics


you’ve lost your turn
it’s over now
my selfish turn
an optimistic vow
same story
played on repeat
the table’s finally set
have a seat
redundant years of remarks
it’s time to bite the bark
mind’s set
troubles gone
just what i’ve been hiding from all along

you don’t see what my problem is?
center caving
remorse loan
you’ll just leave this place and little did you that we’ve never seen face to face

the time the place
all over now
critical hit
critical bow
i’ve heard the ring five times today
i hear it once and it never strays away
only listen
always contrive
build it up to watch it die
dead ends
sour times
every beginning starts a new decline

take this as a goodbye before i start to see your aftermath begin to multiply

am i the disgrace?