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pootie – sand spur lyrics


it would never last
but i’m still dazed in the past
rides and drives of a premature cast

pictures can only go so far
four minute mile in the car
waiting, caught in the gears of this daily fest

get out of my head
and go back to bed
you don’t need me
i don’t need you
it’s just dreams
counting all i’ve never said to you
so get out of my head

looks like evening’s come again
sinking my chances till the end
but what can you do when you’re distracted from the truth?

you just sit back and stare
it’s hopeless, but i care
about someone i’ve never even met

maybe someday all this will end
and i won’t have to be the sand spur pr-cking onto your skin
waiting for signs of notice
but my reality will stay the same
because i don’t know how to play this game