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pootie – two more years lyrics


two years have p-ssed by
sitting on those steps at night
were they all right?
are these the best days of my life?
as we fall away
the honors have learned to obey
but what about us?
where do we go?

who am i?
am i just another guy?
i’ve been falsely accusing to succ-mb my minor bruising
they said go away
that we have no reason to stay
the free from the poor
free food is a score
this continous circle of the same routine

two more years to prove my worth
two more years till you corporately foe this earth
two more years and we’ll be gone
two more years, that’s all that’s left for me

he can’t go anywhere
they were born into this pay for profit game
where the people who have names continue to have names
they don’t know that it’s hard to build your life when all you have is nothing

all we have is nothing

i’ve got two more years till the end of everything

and i’m scared