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prada – cold summer freestyle challenge lyrics


cold summer

low mana, to keep me warm roll one up
that’s why these lyrics is fuelled by marijuana
black squad i’m here to take your soul from ya
fly high like wright brothers in the cold summer
ex b+tch couldn’t stop calling my old numba
had to switch it up i had to go ghost on her, i’m
bold imma go get the gold hummer
y’all coyotes can’t keep up with the road runner
how many times have i thought of giving up
but i’m not giving up till i’m knocking em out
one by one like dominoes all these hoes wanna be ceos but don’t wanna break a sweat b+tch then
adios to that you want it then you go collect
don’t let em tell you wrong but u gotta correct
gotta admit to yourself or you’re gonna forget
just who you are stay true identity check
social media used to help us connect
but we started bragging, turned it to competitive flex
repetitive posts with repetitive texts
but i know that i’m next
i’ll come at your necks like jonny sins
money wins so i gotta get checks
probability of making it is lottery bets
doesn’t matter to a rapper cuz lot of it’s set
before you even start to rhyme the first words in your head mf