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prawn – wesley’s pipe dreams lyrics


i let you down again
through your point of view i’ve made a mess of my whole life
i can’t change your perception you’re best without knowing i have no sympathy
he was my dad too
you moved out west, i stayed back east
strictly for the family

september brought me nothing but pain
you left me for dead
so i left you a note
it read please leave me alone so i can lick my wounds and get back up on my feet

a subtle scene of imagery you called it as it was
i called you up to let you know i’ve been rehearsing this for that one day we hash this sh-t out
i’m not breaking down, i’m building up

it’s not that i don’t care
i’ve just been hurt
i’m telling everyone about you
i can’t believe it’s almost been eight years
it’s like a bad dream, we’re only getting older