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primrose ripper – outlaws lyrics


[verse 1: primrose ripper]
i’m crucified and i feel like a victim
i used to have good emotions until somebody nicked them
now i’m all alone and there’s only me left to blame
why’s my mind got to be so unraveled and untamed
every good emotion turns so deranged
maybe that’s why i’m going insane
like i said it’s just me to blame
everybody that tries to help me i’ll always push away
maybe one day i’ll find a day
in which all colours stop turning grey
life used to make me feel complete
but nowadays all i seem to do is compete
with a mental block that never seems to deplete
i’m fighting legions of demons and all the fleets
this mental block keeps coming with waves on repeat
now i’m here with nothing left and i’m beat
my bodies all cut off i can’t feel my feet
now i remember
when my emotions weren’t cold like december
oh i remember
when i felt complete and not dismembered
i was the one telling the stories not the one getting lectured
minds so gone i’ll get sectioned
i need help
i’m alone
ain’t n0body speaking when i phone
lost all the places i used to call home
i’m just in this dark zone
too all these demons i’m so pr-ne
i’m afraid
i’m just filled with a deeper darker rage
should probably call a witch and get saged
but screw it though
no light at the end of the tunnel anyway

[bridge: jay bizzle]
yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 2: jay bizzle]
my sister died and i lost it (lost it)
yeah, turn this sh-t to a mosh pit
on sight they were gettin’ bl!cked
what you do? don’t give a sh-t
yeah don’t care what you say
just know i’m about to spray
and if you run away
i’ll get your -ss another day (day)
on that day i became cold
shot everyone who acted bold
make em’ run like an antelope
in their brain was left a whole

[outro: primrose ripper]
yeah, we’re just outlaws, who can’t stand their cause
i wonder when the day will be their downfall (fall)
we’re outlaws who want to fight, or else be dead by daylight
don’t be scared of the outlaws that lurk at night
it’ll be okay now rest, goodnight