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progress – words, words & more words… lyrics


“nothing is everything and i am no exception…”

never falling down, down, down
never falling down

[verse 1]
there’s no such thing as a voice that don’t deserve to be heard
there’s no such thing as a verse that doesn’t need every word
there’s no such thing as a heart that hasn’t loved and lost
ain’t no price tags that can tell you what that cost
they wanna’ push and shove you but really they don’t understand
that there’s a p-ssion in your heart that wants to be heard, but can’t
why is it so hard to see the beauty underneath
you feel like you’re invisible, but really, they can’t see
they’re blind to all the kindness and the love that’s in your heart
the singing in your voice and your eyes is filled with stars
so take me on a trip around the universe and sky
way above the clouds where the sun shines high
and i will take you on a journey where you feel no pain or hurt
take a look at you through my eyes and truly see your worth
laying in my bed when i know that miles away
you just cried yourself to sleep because of what i said today
you just want it all to end, baby please, i understand
and there’s nothing i can do for it and that’s what i can’t stand
just hold you close to me and wipe the tears from your eyes
make ’em to a river, let the waters run dry
one thing people don’t get is the power of their words
if you could see the way they cry and sit alone when they get hurt
then maybe you’ll think twice before saying something out of haste
you only get so many words, why put them to waste
use them to enrich the lives of people in your own
why don’t you watch your tongue and keep it closed up in that hole
i’d like to see you survive in the place of a victim
you’ll make fun of someone’s shoes before you’d walk around in ’em
and for anyone who’s struggling to make it through the day
these words are for you and your armor is this page
so get up, dust yourself off, wipe the tears off your face
a word can be forgotten, but a scar can’t be erased
(i said a scar can’t be erased)

never falling down, down, down
never falling down

[verse 2]
i woke up early today so i could watch the sunrise
i woke up early today so i could watch the night die
i’ll go to sleep one night with my prayers to think of
i’ll go to sleep one night, i might never wake up
why we gotta’ live in the shadow of death
and wonder what we’ll say with our very last breath
why we gotta’ worry about what’s gonna’ happen
when we give up our bodies and fade into the blackness
why does life teach us to fear the unknown
why do people teach us stuff we don’t need to know
i have the slightest idea on how to get into college
but they think knowing trigonometry is valuable knowledge
how about teaching survival and more about taxes
more about life than advanced mathematics
they act as if to distract us from what’s important
life is an experience, shouldn’t be an employment
so enjoy it while it last ’cause it’s a b-tch and it’s short
one day you’re in 1st grade, the next you’re in court
’cause you -ssaulted a man who beats on his wife
he tried to give you life but you wish he’d get the knife
but in god’s eyes, you know that we all deserve a chance
that there might be more to music than a beat and a dance
maybe this dude is trying to tell you a story
but you care about the beat and don’t care for the glory
you’d rather listen to a catchy song than one that’s from the heart
you ignore true poetry and jam to all this garbage
i spent a whole day at school trying to get down this verse
are you enjoying the beat, have you even heard a word
it’s absurd that all i want is my voice to be heard
to enrich the lives of the people on this earth
but i’m never fallin’ down, imma’ get back up
i’m a living legend, but the story ain’t done

’cause i’m still going
never falling down, down down
never falling down