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project pat – choices lyrics



no one needs us more
when they fall to the floor
when they try to run
they are faced with guns

no one needs us now
they have it figured out
but when they think it’s over
it has only just begun

this is how they made it
this is how they made me
this is how they’ll never have
silence to sedate me

this is who they cry to
this is to whom they turn
when the truth was told before
they had never learned

always predictable the mistakes of life
never undeniable i’ve been there before
we are still accountable for our actions
and my choices are never the same as before

i have lived through this
i have played that game
i have been to the brink
the madness is insane
so when you think you’re alone
you’re not the only one
but i grew out of choices
so my only choice is fun

drama bullsh-t emotional scars
concealed in the past, oh so very far
erraticate the past and live for the present
today is today, no time for resentment

choices made and damages done
i run from the past, oh so far i run
but your life is now, too young to need to hide
if we make the wrong choices, the pain will reside

i know your pain and i know how it kills you
burning through the night the madness fills you
i’ve seen it before and i have a solution
stay with me tonite and escape the delusions

reality is inside of me but i live an illusion
a master plan that will have a grand conclusion
the end so far, so far, too far to see
but i know what burns bright and it burns inside of me

it is nothing new, this anger always hides
a face full of happiness is a mask full of lies
but we dilute ourselves now
when in times of need
we accept change or we will never succeed

so i live this life
as it f-cks over me
but i keep on hiding it
so you will never see
the plain and obvious
clear as daylight
the struggle, fight and battle i rage
in my brain every night