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puah hedz – losin it lyrics


losin it… jus losin it
yeah… losin it… losin it mate
losin it..

i’m a kind guy but when pressure hits
the lever and switch cause a glitch
in which ya feel the outburst of energetic force
and a pathetic course is outlayed
how i played with these tangled vines
that put tension on my mind
and at times the grind became unbearable
a terrible urge, to surge
and emerge from my tranquil waters
all in order, i run over the border to escape
and i sorta feel great, and i oughta dictate my own actions
but a small fraction takes me over
make me sober, my motor is running
the blood flow gunning from fingertips to this here heart
a jump start, rip this sensation apart
frustration got the better half of me
now i’m narky, please don’t start me, i’m hardly a tank
eyesight goes blank,a rank stench
and i’m caught on the electric fence, immense pain
frying my brain, i must maintain direction
and stop this stressin.. stop this stressin
(chorus x 3)

it’s hard when the vains are poppin out ya neck
it’s not as simple as just stoppin when in effect
you believe this is the best to let it all release
such a kind guy can turn into the beast
and i’m a man who loves peace
but d+mn when these leaves start droppin
from the branches anger advances, take those chances
an overall dampness settles
medals are not i want to accomplish
just rock this with no nonsense
but minor movements are plaguing at my conscience
i guess it was only just now
that i realised how many times i’ve lost it
watch it buddy, i’m feelin crummy it may get muddy, messy
pesky individuals, miniscule moments of riduculed omens
i’m ownin’ as much as i can
but assets don’t make you the man
lucky stars, special coins won’t get you that far
or maybe they will
i’m losin it still, with my elbows on the window sill
drills diggin into my skull, a dull day, when it takes pay
to wash the stress away