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public enemy – fight the power (bet awards 2020) lyrics


[intro: chuck d]
this is revolution sh+t
uh, yeah, c’mon and get down
uh, yeah, c’mon and get down
uh, yeah, hey
the year is 2020, the number
a little somethin’ to get down
sound of the funky drummer
music hitting’ the heart ’cause i know you got soul
brothers and sisters

[verse 1: nas]
the information age
got ’em seein’ what’s really wrong with these racist days
i honor the strong and pity the weak
your thoughts run your life, be careful what you think
haiti beat france, a century, seventeen
salute toussaint and dessalines
and i do love france, know what i mean?
it’s the system i’m talkin’, n0body’s agreein’
they say, “suicide,” when dead bodies are swingin’
cowards are huntin’ black men, that’s what i’m seein’
how many toasters have been burnt down?
and once central park was a thrivin’ black town
yo, chuck, i’m fightin’ the power right now
thank you, flav and p+e, puttin’ it down
puttin’ your life on the line so i could rap now
the next generation still singin’, “fight the power”
[chorus: chuck d with flava flav]
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power, we got to fight the powers that be

[verse 2: rapsody]
police think they reign, [?] over the law (yeah)
when they give us short sticks but we really need a long
to the boys in the hood, got the bullets and batons
the boys in the hood, triple ks on they arm
four fingers on my arm screamin’, “fight”
change the policy, before i buy back our property
you love black panther but not fred hampton
word to the howards and the aggies and the hamptons
they book us, won’t book us, i’m booker
t. washington, george k!lled, four+twenty
think about it (think), that’s two thousand pennies
the value of black life the cost of goin’ to wendy’s
four a four+quarter burger, ended in murder
fight for breonna and the pain of her mother, gotta

[chorus: chuck d with flava flav]
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power, we got to fight the powers that be
[verse 3: black thought]
yeah, generations just how long we been at war
the revolution on our platform
you break a man’s mind in his back
yo, solidarity is what i’m wearin’ all black for
for comrades who done fought without me
it’s not to try and change y’all thoughts about me
or to read the [?] reports about me
yeah, white people, you should take a course about me
’cause, is it the law and order for a four+finger ring?
the sciences and the arts, the songs we can sing
i really wanna know why y’all so scared
prolly ’cause the promised land, we almost there
but look, i think of images that fuel my youth
been influenced by craig hodges and [?]
examples life olympic, black power salutes
the panther troops, i saw as i pursue my truth
if racism is the cancer, black force is the answer
gotta get up off the back porch, emanc+p+te your minds
get your bodies back from rest (c’mon)
and all hands up for the answer

[chorus: chuck d with flava flav]
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power, we got to fight the powers that be
yo, yo, check this out, man
bring that beat back, man (bring that beat back)
in two, three, four, hit it
[verse 4: jahi]
people, people, stronger than this evil
smashin’ your power structure, melanin royal, regal
system designed to k!ll and unprotect
worldwide, hit the streets just to get some respect
our fight and our rights for freedom will never wane
but justice breonna taylor, salute chuck and flava
feel the same anger since radio rahim died
black power to the people, push forward, pride

[verse 5: yg]
fight power like it’s the opp, though
born to fight, i made it off the block though
thought he had a gun and he was black, that’s the convo
the police k!lled george havin’ a convo (george)
they k!lled malcolm x, they k!lled doctor king (doctor king)
they gave us guns and dope, they wanna stop a king
they tryna erase our history, stop and think
history class ain’t tell us ’bout junet++th
cops don’t give a d+mn about a negro
bullet to the k!ller, negro, he’s a [?]
f+ck livin’ life on welfare, the last one who cared was obamacare
round twelve, nose kinda bl++dy, gotta keep fightin’
trump flew to north korea, they respect violence
if you ain’t tryna have your city on fire
put some respect on our name, we come from gold and diamonds

[chorus: chuck d with flava flav]
fight the power (fight the power)
fight the power
yo, yo, check this out, man

[verse 6: chuck d]
elvis was a hero to most
but he never meant sh+t to me you see
straight up racist that sucker was
simple and plain
motherf+ck him and john wayne
’cause i’m black and i’m proud
i’m ready and hyped plus i’m amped
most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
sample a look back you look and find
nothing but rednecks for four hundred years if you check
“don’t worry, be happy” was a number one jam
d+mn if i say it you can slap me right here
(get it) let’s get this party started right
right on, c’mon
what we got to say
power to the people no delay
make everybody see
in order to fight the powers that be