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puddah – big bag lyrics



(lets go)
& i got big bag
& i’m geeked off gas!
top dawg in ma class!
hi+tech in glass
f+ck ya b+tch then pass!
ain’t going out bad!
we ain’t going out sad!

let me pop ma sh+t
& i walked in lit
& i walked in rich!
4+5 ma hip!
chrome heart ma fit!
(sh+t, lets go)

& i got big bag
& im geeked off gas!
& ma b+tch she bad!
f+ck da b+tch then pass!

& i walked in lit!
& i walked in rich!
let me pop ma sh+t!


yeah i’m the same lil n+gga
she say i’m her favorite n+gga
love to play with my braids, then i’m in her
she taking my kids like a babysitter

i ain’t playing no favorites lil n+gga
i’m counting some bands right off the walk thru
n+gga better watch who he talk to
try to touch my chain and you know ima spark you
big diamonds and you know that they sparkle

ima run up a whole nother bag
n+ggas keep hating
i know that they mad

count bands, i put it first
k!ll dat p+ssy, put it on shirt
sorry baby, can’t buy a purse
i sip too much the way i swerve

no you can’t have whats in my cup
i was poppin them percs now i stopped
girl i ain’t need ya love, i was off like too much drugs

i ain’t even wanna leave at first
i ain’t really mean to leave you hurt
swear to god when i seen you first, swerve off and leave the curb


ouu aye
(lets go)
& i got big bag
& i’m geeked off gas!
top dawg in ma class!
hi+tech in glass
f+ck ya b+tch then pass!
ain’t going out bad!
we ain’t going out sad!