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punkstarkc – new ambition lyrics


know i’m geeked up off them shrooms got da world spinning
got too much ice on my neck look like a chandelier
walked in da fashion show swear they thought i was in it
no i ain’t stressing no more i got sum new ambitions

know my drip it cause commotion
just like a whirlwind
better get your girlfriend i’m draped in gaultier
gotta get to the bag no playing
finna take me a flight to j+pan
know i stay high as a plane
i been on da edge i been running up racks
f+cking your boo yea breaking her back
i’m in a zonda driving it fast my b+tch is a model like bella hadid
tryna get these commas i done start investing
i found my llama i discovered my treasurе
your b+tch want the c+ck cuz she know that next up
n+gga gеt mopped no tisa korean
f+cked that little b+tch out her socks
no i ain’t doing no playin got n+ggas that shoot at your block ain’t leaving n0body standing
new life been goin good swear i ain’t got no complaints
never see the oops at the bank smoking on grade a
long hair like a bay bay
know my drip cause a hurricane
oh i’m so sorry been misbehaving
walk in da party she lookin amazed
kasi star i’m in a wraith b+tch i can sting you like a bee tryna get the ups on me i just wanna smoke these trees gettin these racks atlas