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purple monkey sircus – fuck my life lyrics


so i’ve been dating this girl for 8 months and i love her
i put no one above her for a minute
i wanna make her the mother of my children but there’s just one other thing
i went and bought her and engagement right just to show her what she means to me
see she’s never been mean to me
but recently it seems she’s been holding things secretly
so i asked her about it and it was nothing
she told me she was stressed so i guessed i was just buggin
said it’s something at work she said it’s something in film
she’s a set director or something so i’m chill
til one day wen i was at home alone
i figured i should follow my bone so i headed to the cpu
nothing to do but zoom thru some pictures of some girl
and then one came thru with a picture of a girl getting sprayed in the face
wait a minute that’s the b-tch i date
f-ck my life.

is there anyone out there? it seems like i’m losing my mind (f-ck my life)
i feel like it’s right here but it tricks me everytime (f-ck my life)
i’m going out of my head but i haven’t gone anywhere (f-ck my life)
i’m living life dead, they’re saying i should take things slow
but i don’t care, f-ck my life


uncle ju:
see my birthdays coming up i plan to get blunted up
f-ck it up? nah g (i don’t wanna screw the sh-t)
i’m just a cool cat ima let it slide
friends aint talkin bout it ima let it ride
see i bet it’s a surprise they don’t wanna tell me sh-t
n-gg-s gone bring the kush, b-tches gone let me hit
8-1-09 salty all day
aint sh-t start, f-ck it, hit adult mart
now p-rno is instructional my wrist aint functional
so ima just let it go, s-x with a vegetable
pop it in my dvd player (playa)
deuces to the world n-gg-s ima see ya later
and to my surprise and demise to my eyes
it was a whole bunch of guys in between eachother thighs
so my p-n-s in a mango i’m sprawled on the floor
gay p-rn on the screen as the party hit the door
f-ck my life


johnny thirdboy:
you’re the woman of my dreams, nightmare and worst fears
your last chance is right here
see i can take the pain away i’m guessin them other n-gg-s was promising
they lie but ima do the opposite
maybe a little dumb, little shaken little confused
but if i open up my heart, you’ll give me the blues
and that is worth it, i think it’s worth it to give me a chance
stop the changing no complaining for a chance at romance
i see your baby fathers missing, and i aint really tryna fill the spot of what he’s missing
just here to get some kissing
just here to get some kissing and a rub on the back
i know you’re falling for me girl cuz you don’t know how to act
i’m open inside and just hoping
open your eyes, you’re tired of just moping
you want me, then don’t wanna trust me
can’t have me, d-mn you must be
f-ck my life.