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r kelly – trapped in the closet (chapter 13) lyrics


trapped in the closet (chapter 13)

come and take a walk with me
through the streets of chi-town
let’s look back
and reminisce on all of the sh-t that went down

pastor rufus longs comes home to find his wife been sleepin’ around with sylvester (oh, sh-t)
sylvester’s cell phone rings; he comes outta the closet pointin’ his beretta (oh, sh-t)
then they go through this thing: arguing, fussing, then time goes by
and then cathy finds out about rufus’ lover chuck, the gay guy (oh, sh-t)
and then sylvester calls home, never knowing that a man would answer his phone (oh, sh-t)

then he got to his house; bust up in it
to find his wife, gwendolyn
she was f-ckin’ around with this sausage-head–ssed policeman
and then they got into a fight (oh, sh-t)
wrestlin’ over a gun (oh, sh-t)
and gwen screamin’ “stop!!” next thing you know,
they shot her brother twan (oh, sh-t)
it was just a lick; he was barely hurt
now here comes rose, the nosy neighbor
she thinks she’s the neighborhood savior

and then things got real twisted (oh, sh-t)
police got home in his kitchen (oh, sh-t)
to find his wife bridget (oh, sh-t)
is pregnant by this midget
well, so far, that’s how the story goes
and now it’s time to continue on
so get ready:
here is chapter 13…

sylvester and twan get in a car; sylvester says, “man, first of all, straighten yo hat.
now, man, i’m about to go holla at somebody, and i’mma need you to watch my back.”
then twan says, “man, you ain’t even gotta worry ’bout me, bra-lou, i’m straight.”
sylvester says, “yeah, you straight, a’ight, witcha hot-headed -ss, n-gg-, just like when you caught that case.”
twan says, “aw, here we go, you bringin’ that sh-t up. that wasn’t sh-t but a misdemeanor.”
sylvester says, “misdemeanor, my -ss. you did three years.”
twan says, “yeah, that was because of roxanne and that b-tch, tina.”

“man…yo sister asked me about a tina.”
twan says, “when i see her, i’mma kill her. what did gwen ask you?”
“she asked me if i knew her; i said she sound familiar.”
sylvester says, “hold up. man, what you doin’?”
and then twan says, “man, what you mean?”
then sylvester says, “man, is that a cigarette?”
twan says, “man, nah. this some weed.”
sylvester pulled (whoo) over, sayin’, “aw, h-ll naw.”
“n-gg-, what the–?”
“you forget where we are?”
twan say, “one for the road.”
sylvester say, “you crazier than a fish with t-tties if you think i’mma let you smoke that sh-t up in my car. now throw that sh-t out.”
twan looks at sylvester like he ain’t tryin’ to hear that
sylvester says, “throw that sh-t out.”
twan looks around and say, “sh-t,” and throws it out

they pull off and sylvester says, “now this roxanne and tina, man, what’s that all about?”
now, while they talk about that, let’s head on over to rosie the nosy neighbor’s house
she’s peekin’ out her window, sayin’, “there’s somethin’ goin’ on over there with bernadine and ted.”
then her husband turns over and says, “woman, what’s wrong with you? bring yo old, nosy -ss back to bed.”
she says, “now, randolph, i don’t like that tone you takin’ with me.”
he says, “oh, shut up, woman; you always invokin’, get on folk, they privacy.”
rosie says, “i can look out my god-d-mned window whenever i want.”
randolph say, “yeah? well, what you lookin’ at? what you lookin’ at? hmm?”

now rosie and randolph are arguin’, screamin’ at each other loud as they can
rosie says, “randolph, ain’t n-body studdin’ you, so go on back to sleep with yo old, grumpy -ss.”
then randolph say, “shut yo -ss up, woman! sh-t! folk gotta get some sleep around here.”
then rosie say, “sleep? sh-t! mr. can’t-get-it-up, yo tired -ss been sleep for the last five years!”
“now, watch yo mouth, woman!”
“go to h-ll, randolph! you don’t tell me what to do!”
(“can’t n-body tell you nothin’! yeah? yeah?”)
“i’m a grown–ss woman; i can do whatever the h-ll i want to do.”
“well, do it, then.”
“i’mma do it, then.”
“do it, then.”
“i’mma do it, then.”
“go on, look.”
“i’mma look.”
“and i hope a pigeon fly by here and sh-t on yo face.”
(rosie gasps)
“oh, lord, forgive me for what i have said; this woman got…”
“if it do–if it do–then i’m gonna wipe the sh-t on you!”

now meanwhile, between-while, back to sylvester and twan
they drivin’ along when twan says, “so, man, where we goin’?”
sylvester says, “man, don’t worry about that; just be on the lookout, and twan?
yo hat.”
“oh, my bad.”
“gimme a light.”
(the lighter is handed over)
“now, when we pull up, you keep the car in drive and whatever you do, keep on watchin’.”
“man, like i said before, don’t trip, bra-lau, go handle yo business.”

“now, i’m about to see if i can get this b-tch to talk to me. we made a deal and she owes me some money.”
“man, i feel you, g, so call me if you need me.”
“man, everything should go smooth.”
“sylvester, don’t make me have to come up in there and smack me a couple of–”
(time goes by…) it’s thirty minutes later
(time goes by…) forty-five minutes later
(time goes by…) and now one hour later…