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r3alt4lk – drugs and pain (rest easy peep) lyrics


wake up and i feel the pain
party all night
white girls on cocaine
drugs in my system
so i forget your name
but i promise you
it will never be the same
so much liquor
flowing thru the veins
the words i love you
i can rarely even say
so i move on
walking thru dark days
hate me if you want
but i’ve always felt pain
the voice in my head
always wants to come n play
alone in the dark
where my sorrow always lays
everyone says
it will always be ok
but you’ve never walk this earth
with this pain
the label has me locked down
wrapped around in chains
rappers now a days
we are all modern slaves
the money is great
but that sh+t don’t change a thing
rest easy peep
i’ll always know your name
we scream for help
fans wanna be entertained
so hide the hurt
all alone in my brain
i heard of love once
but i can’t do it again
i’d rather be alone
than risk more pain
a girl who’s in a love with me
doesn’t know the truth
that we will never be more
because of you
i let my guard down
now i’m stuck inside the rain
the drugs that i take
are my only true friends
almost lost my life
that could’ve been the end
but the people that i care for
didn’t give a sh+t
why do i worry
i don’t really know
it will never be the same
it will never be the same (3x)