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radxtony – let me sleep lyrics


[verse 1]
hard work, hard days, my heart is in pain
i’m sick of the lies and all the heartbreak
i had fake friends, i ain’t makin’ amends
i cut people off, don’t hit me again
i stay by my lonely, just me and the 40
’cause i lost all the homies and even my shorty
got the fam in the back and they chill in the pad
they don’t even know that the kid is all sad
askin’ me why i’m always in my room
i just wanna sleep, ain’t nothin’ to do
i just wanna sleep, i don’t wanna wake up
but until then, i just stay in the cut
i put on those songs and i just start cryin’
ask if i’m fine and i just start lyin’

[verse 2]
i keep me a knife but i’m still gon’ fight
keep me a blade when i slide in the night
and sh+t is a risk and i’m takin’ yo life
get off my d+ck, go take you a hike
i go to mcdonald’s, i order a sprite
i don’t sip po, but i walk with a lean
my pockets is full, all stocked with the green
don’t hit my phone if you blocked by me
can’t f+ck with people who got no ambition
man, this sh+t is getting ridiculous
how you gon’ tweet that you on a mission
to get to the money but you ain’t got a vision?
and just on the daily, i’m workin’ like crazy
’cause i want a bimmer, i want a mercedez
i want a lady who gon’ be my baby
lovin’ me daily ’till we in the 80’s
got big dreams and imma go get ’em
left dozens behind and imma forget ’em
like wu+tang, i’m gettin’ the cream
like liu kang, i’ll kick in ya t++th
it’s rare that i talk about things that i’m feelin’
’cause i made a song where i talked about k!llin’ myself
and n0body helped, n0body listened
got put on the shelf
but i’m still kickin’ and i’m still fightin’
pop off on the beats but i’m still quiet
couple more years and i’m ready to die
i ain’t ready to see my momma cry
i’m sorry, i’m sorry for all of the lies
and all of the times that i said i was fine
i’m scared of my feelings so i gotta hide
i don’t wanna wake when i sleep in the night
my sis hit me up and then pickin’ me up
ridin’ wit me andthen cheerin’ me up
i came home, start cryin’ and sh+t
whole time said i was fine and sh+t
i really don’t get it, the feelings i’m gettin’
i don’t like to speak but i’m spittin’ these writtens
i’m using the beat as a form of expression
i’m cryin’ for help and i just wanna mention
that when it’s all over, just keep your composure
i remember when i used to cry on your shoulder
pushin’ me off and you said i’m a baby
negative thoughts in my head on the daily
i suffer in silence, i don’t want the violence
and me in my head is a whole ‘nother riot
me versus me, we fussin’ and fightin’
not gonna end ’till one of us dyin’
i’m sorry, lil brother, i know i ain’t perfect
you’re like no one other, you don’t need to hurt
you’re growin’ up and you need all the care
i’m only stayin’ so i can be there
i’m sorry my momma for causing our problems
i push you away but i know i don’t wanna
i’m sorry my dad for makin’ you mad
tryna be the son that you wanted to have
i’m sorry my sisters, yeah ollie and birdie
i love you to death, sorry for the hurtin’
sorry my family and sorry my friends
i’m very sorry if this is the end
i’m just so tired but please don’t cry
let me sleep and let me die
promise i’ll be back in your dreams
when you look at the stars, i hope you’re thinkin’ of me