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rah the greatest – intro lyrics



(random conversation)


nah yo, i don’t know man
you know the biggest expectation when you drop this shit
is like you know you want it to like
you know
like you feel its going to blow
you know what i’m saying
and when that shit goes out
its like you need all support


everybody better support me

all i know is that
it took a long -ss time
not even, because i started like
three months ago to be real
cause i wasn’t really doing this shit last year


niggas ain’t going to be ready for that center st
i’m trying to tell you
that shit right there, (whew)
you right about can i


that shit cl-ssic


my shit cl-ssic
when you play it together it’s all cl-ssic

(random talking)


but can i


yeah, but i love all my babies the same

(both laugh)


nah real shit though, idk
it’s really we weird
we really graduated
grown -ss niggas and shit
we all got our first tapes out and shit
it’s weird