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railroad earth – mighty river lyrics


sun risin’ on the shoulder
won’t take much to grow us older, no
just a little time

i was in the livin’ callin’
could it be that you were callin’ too
my, my

i think about it

blows out & bowls ya over
don’t take long to realize, we’re standin’
on shaky ground

ridin’ on a backroad dreamin’
hear a voice tellin’ you, you’re losin’
something dear

do ya doubt it?

in the mighty river, rollin’ along
in the mighty river, losin’ hold
in the mighty river, over my head
oh, oh

write me down as one who knew
revenge means more revenge on you
what ya gonna do?

in a song that i once sang
i heard a bell & it just rang my blues
right away

think about it

in the mighty river, rollin’ along
oh, washin’ clean
in the mighty river, i’m over my head
oh, tearin’ free