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ralph davis - somebody peed on my snowman lyrics


in the middle of my yard
there’s a solid, frozen bard
who sings silently through the night
(through the night)

but the day reveals this fellow
has developed streaks of yellow
and it’s looking like he’s cold
and isn’t feeling all+white

somebody peed on my snowman
and my number+one concern is what to do
i’d like to tell the culprit, “you’re in trouble
for you left behind a wee bit of a clue”

somebody peed on my snowman
i can tell you that it wasn’t santa’s elf
and it doesn’t take a whiz
to see just what the problem is
’cause i’m pretty sure he didn’t wet himself

now, it’s time to pull the stops out
and i want to call the cops out
to investigate this mess that someone made
(someone made!)
it was liquid, predigested
and my brother has attested
that the yellow parts don’t really taste like lemonade

somebody peed on my snowman
went and marked their territory in the snow
i must admit i do admire his bladder
but the one who dunnit really has to go

somebody peed on my snowman
yes, they did the deed and then they quickly split
in the night when stars were twinkling
someone stood beside him tinkling
but at least they didn’t leave behind a sh++ugar cookie

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