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randy stonehill – christine lyrics


i see you every night
on channel seven, christine
like a vision in the silvery light
and each day drags by so slowly
till eleven, christine
how i hunger for your sight

now all my so-called friends
they say that i’m a fool
they say that you don’t
even know i’m there
oh but they don’t see
that magic twinkle in your eye
the special one
that says how much you care

oh wait for me christine
i’m only time away
and i know that camera man
he’s got his eye on you
but he don’t love you like i do
no one could love you like i do, christine

you give me so much more
than just the news, my love
i memorize each precious thing you say
but our thirty minutes
always seem to fly so fast
i guess when you’re in love
it’s just that way

i know we’ll be together
someday soon, christine
and fate will let it happen
when it’s right
but until that special day
i’ll blow a kiss and say
goodnight, christine, goodnight