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ranna royce – gabriella (sex and candy remix) lyrics


i smell se-
i ain’t gon touch yo ohh
i ain’t gon touch yo ohh

verse 1 (ranna royce):
walking in new york in the rain with no umbrella
ella, ella, ella
stalking, walking in my big black boots
i’m gabriella, ella, ella
lurking on the dark side trynna get a fella
talking, knocking off your cheap track suit
it’s late at night the phone just rang like 4 times
date tonight in truck alone, let’s f-ck or get stoned
you light me up like a dark night in times square
taste manhattans till the morning shine glare
i’m working hard trying to be a millionaire
you’re just having a nightmare
he sings to me

chorus (chaz ultra):
i smell s-x and candy here
who’s that lounging in my chair
who’s that casting devious stares in my direction
mama this surely is a dream
yeah, yeah
mama this surely is a dream
(repeat chorus)